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  Acclaim for Krishna Bhatt

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"Some 3000 spectators listened to Krishna Mohan Bhatt... as he gave one of the most pleasing performances of his most illustrious musical career with his full and elaborate exposition of Hem Lalit raga in alap, jod, jhala and gat. The fast gat (composed piece) and the climactic sawal-jawab sequences... were startling and enjoyable. He then rendered two light classical pieces vocally and went on demonstrating them on his instrument explaining the generic characteristics of the song form. He explained or rather showed the concordance of sahitya (literature) and sangeet (music) as the basis for delineation of light classical music."

-The Indian Express
Ahmedabad, India

A classical rendering of raga ... bringing out the raga-bhava in all its splendor and glory. - Times of India

"... a signature style... pretty and romantic in mood and sweep... in Raga Misra Kafi he charged the air with some of the most dreamily romantic music it has been my pleasure to behold. Hyacinth wafted, parrots preened themselves, romance was in the air. The beauty of the moment, the beauty of music turned visual."

-Folk Roots
London, England


"Highly intense world of sound... a warm atmosphere in which the sounds and soul of India could be felt... one was swept up by dreams of perfumed gardens... this music is uniquely spontaneous and direct; serious and full of joy at the same time. The artists improvise and play from the depth of their souls... a fascinating performance of classical Indian music."

-Suddeutsche Zeitun
Gauting, Germany