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Jalsaghar Concert Series

Saraswati: Goddess of Music and Performing ArtsGurukul Jalsaghar Concert Series in New York City

Indian classical music was traditionally performed in an intimate atmosphere. Patrons opened their Havelis (mansions) to great masters of music as performing venues. They invited friends, music-lovers and connoisseurs to these Baithaks (sittings) to share a profound aesthetic experience in a relaxed and refined atmosphere.

We now seek to recreate the Jalsaghar (music room) for the 21st century audience. In contrast to the large concert hall with amplified sound (a relatively recent phenomenon), the Jalsaghar will offer a more intimate setting in which the proximity between the artist and audience allows for a deeper experience of the beauty in music. Help us keep this rich tradition alive. Be a host to a Jalsaghar Evening.

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