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Krishnaji at the World Music Festival in Pezaro, Italy (1996).
Krishna Bhatt at a concert in Munich, Germany (1987).




Krishnaji recieving the 2002 Best Musician Award from the Cultural Minister of Rajasthan.
Krishnaji recieving the 2002 Best Musician Award from Padmashri Kripal Singh Shekhwat, the Cultural Minister of Rajasthan.





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A prolific composer and cultural ambassador who bridges the gap between East and West, Krishna has collaborated with Western and Indian musicians since the early 1980s. He has recorded with Ali Akbar Khan, Zakir Hussain, the Kronos String Quartet, and Rajasthani folk musicians among others. His work with Terry Riley on the soundtrack for Alain Tanner's film "No Man's Land," a beautiful blend of eastern and western traditions, has become a favorite among music lovers.

Krishna's music has been celebrated since he burst onto the music scene at the age of 17, when he won the All-India Radio Music Competition. His performances are broadcast regularly on Indian radio and television and he is the recipient of several awards and titles including the Sur-Mani (Gem of Melody), AIIS Senior Fellowship Award, and honors by the Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy. His collaborative work with saxophonist George Brooks and Zakir Hussain, “Lasting Impression”, a CD of Indo-Jazz fusion, was nominated for a Grammy. Most recently he was presented and honored as the best musician for 2002 in the Rajasthan Virasat (Heritage) Music Festival in Jaipur.


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