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  Acclaim for Krishna Bhatt

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"Bhatt began his recital with rag Madhuvanti... listeners were swaying enthusiastically... (he) presented the art of sitar playing very skillfully and with great dexterity. He has a harmonious combination of layakari (rhythmic variations) and sur (perfect intonation); and at the same time, he presents a beautiful mixture of gayaki ang (vocal style) and tantrakari (instrumental style). Besides this, he presented the difficult art of meend (slides) with ease."

-Rajasthan Patrika
Jaipur, India

"... What was the most enthralling was the superb quality of musicianship displayed, with exquisite command over both swara (melody) and laya (rhythm). It was a veritable feast of music... some brilliant pyrotechnics were inevitable."

-The Indian Express
Ahmedabad, India


"Fascinating, especially from the point of view of Western music, was the contact the two players had for the entire duration of the performance, stimulating and correcting one another with their musical figures... In the Bhatt/Das performance, there was no illusionism or pseudo-meditativeness as can often be seen with European imitators... Both players demonstrated the utmost mastery of the musical material and a high level of concentration for the entire duration of the concert, yet their music making remained very lively... In the context of the Music of Extended Duration Festival, this concert very much symbolized the concept to allow different, sometimes very 'distant' possibilities to appear concurrently."

-MF Denes

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